Looking for Parkinson’s Physical Therapy In Home Services in Forest Hills & Long Island?

What we Offer


The techniques require patients to make big, whole-body movements over and over

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Parkinson’s Therapy

The techniques require patients to make big, whole-body movements over and over

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Neurological Therapy

The techniques require patients to make big, whole-body movements over and over

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Home Care

Home-care physical therapy occurs when a physical therapist comes to your home to provide rehabilitation services.

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Gait & Balance Therapy

Do you have trouble standing, sometimes experiencing the “spins” even when you’re standing still?

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Geriatric Wellness

We seeks to address this gap with a highly-trained team whose passion is the care of older adults in a variety

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Orthopedics Therapy

Orthopedic physical therapy can be life-changing. A skilled physical therapist (PT) can get you back on track

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Post OP Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the post-surgical program of re-establishing joint motion, muscle strength around the joint

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Musculoskeletal & Neuromuscular Therapy

Cerebral palsy typically involves a variety of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal problems.

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In Addition to our commitment towards excellence our advantages are :
  • LSVT BIG (Parkinson Disease Therapy)
  • Parkinson’s Therapy
  • Neurological Therapy
  • Gait & Balance therapy
  • Geriatric Wellness
  • Orthopedics Therapy
  • Post OP Rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal & Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Home Care

why choose us

Dr. Rukaiya Baker PT, DPT is a New York State licensed Physical Therapist and has earned her Doctor in Physical Therapy from New York University.

She has over 18 years of extensive clinical experience focusing on geriatric population, parkinson’s, orthopedics, post op rehabilitation, treating various musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions.

About Baker Physical Therapy

Google Reviews

donna apple
Dr. Rukaiya Baker was my dad’s third and best Physical Therapist. Rukaiya was motiving and her enthusiasm and therapeutic creativity (balloon tosses🎈, bowling🎳, stairs, walking/kicking⚽️) were a blessing to my dad. Rukaiya explained the science behind her strategies and that was very much appreciated.

Rukaiya was sensitive to my dad’s needs and condition and she met him in the ebbs and flows on given day. My dad was fully engaged and participated in every session as Rukaiya developed his physical strength and cognitive acuity.

Coreina Chan
Dr. Rukaiya Baker is an extremely knowledgeable, effective and creative physical therapist. I feel so fortunate that my 86-year old mother is working with her! Dr. Baker skillfully assesses my mother’s physical and cognitive ups and downs, and supports her through frustrating setbacks to steadily increase muscle strength, gait steadiness, and movement safety.

My introverted mother looks forward to her sessions with Dr. Baker because she feels empowered by the work and by Dr. Baker’s encouragement. My mother is always happy to let her other medical appointments go, but she never wants to miss her physical therapy with Dr. Baker.

Michaela Gallagher
Dr. Rukaiya Baker is the best! Our family finds such comfort in my dad working with Rukaiya in the LSVT Big Program. Dr. Rukaiya Baker’s patience, enthusiam, warm personality and gentle approach are key to my dad’s success over the past year. As a patient with Parkinson’s disease, my dad experiences unpredictable good and bad days from week to week. Rukaiya always maintains a patient enviornment and fantastic patient rapport in order to have a successful session. We are forever grateful for Rukaiya’s hard work, which helps to enhance my dad’s physical, mental and emotional abilities.

Natascha Mizelle
Rukaiya is an intelligent, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable physical therapist. She can quickly assess what a patient can and can not (yet) do and provides the exercises to improve in all areas of movement, balance and strength. She understands the needs of a patient beyond just the physical and also provides the emotional understanding to those who are struggling with physical movement. She has been a great help in getting my mother stronger and steadier and more mobile after complicated hip surgery. She is a real “mensch”. Thank you Rukaiya.

lauren Sillman
Rukaiya is a terrific physical therapist. She is smart, personable, compassionate and truly cares about her patients. She has set up an exercise regimen for my neuropathy that has strengthened my muscles and improved my balance which helps me walk better. I highly recommend her. She’s wonderful and very dedicated.
-David M

Kathy Rutherford
Dr Rukaiya Baker is simply amazing- professional, knowledgeable, personable and effective! She brought my 87 year old father to an improved level of functioning and walking in a short time. This was all done in his home! The effects were measurable and noticeable and made his daily interactions so much easier. She worked closely with him on leg exercises and walking and gave me detailed insight into his issues and possible solutions for better functioning in the future. Dr Rukaiya Baker is a pleasure to work with (I’m the 60 year old daughter looking for solutions for my dad) and really made a difference in his walking. If you are looking for an in-home solution for your parents’ physical therapy needs- I highly recommend her!

Laura Perez
Our experience with Rukaiya Baker has been amazing. She is super responsive and caring during these difficult times. My father was diagnosed with Parkinson over a year ago and we had little to no help or information. His doctor recommended … More

Yunus Gittham
My experience with Baker PT has been extremely positive one. Rukaiya is a highly skilled and motivational in her abilities to help me deal with the lower back challenges I am faced with.
She wants to see her patients succeed. She was able to push me through various regimens to meet my hectic lifestyle.
I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, result oriented and caring PT.

Preston Sultan
Dr. Rukaiya has been by far the best physical therapist my father has seen and changes in his cognitive state are so apparent. Thank you for all that you and appreciate your weekly efforts and consistency. Keep up the fabulous work you do day in and day out! You are truly amazing!

Mariyam Dahodwala
Rukaiya takes the time to understand the issue and is very good listener, she considers all aspects of your lifestyle and then recommends a treatment plan which is essential to your well being and also what works best for your way of life. She is very personable and very effective.

jose Negron
My experience with Rukaiya Baker has been nothing less than a positive one.Rukaiya is a highly skilled and motivational in her abilities to help me deal with the challenges I am faced with having Parkinson’s Disease.She specializes in dealing with Parkinson’s and is extremely knowledgeable about the disease.Her expert treatment includes the
LSVT Big Exercise program which is designed for Parkinson’s patients..
Her compassion combined with her desire to see her patients succeed
Has provided me the results that have completely exceeded my expectations. I am truly fortunate to have her in my life and I highly
Recommend her to anyone who is struggling with Parkinson’s or anyone whose friend or lived one is struggling with this disease.

Maya Mikhelashvili
We are extremely happy that we finally found an individual who is not only kind and compassionate but an expert in what she does!! Thank you so much for your dedication and expertise!! Beyond happy with my dads results !! You accomplished more in 10 sessions than we could ever imagined!! Looking forward to finally accomplishing our goal ! Let’s make him walk again! Thank you again Rukaiya!!

Eida Fares
Rukaiya baker is very intelligent flexible and she is very patient she has been a big help and my husband benefited a lot she is a wonderful physical therapist